Managing Work Placement Participants
(Community Employment, TUS, RSS)

This course has been designed to support committee members and voluntary groups who host work placement participants through Community Employment, Rural Social Scheme and TÚS schemes.

The Managing Work Placement Participants course is divided into three core sections of content. These sections reflect the ‘need to know’ aspects of hosting a work placement participant that all boards and committees should consider.

It is worth working through the detail of each section, so that you can better understand the viewpoint of the work placement participant, that of the scheme supervisor or Local Development Company (if applicable) and your own expectations and needs.

Course Structure

1. Creating Annual Work Plans
Core topics covered in this lesson include:
  • Rationale for developing work plans in community groups
  • Defining organisational purpose
  • Setting objectives
  • Identifying key tasks and activities
  • Identifying volunteer requirements
  • Identifying work placement human resource requirements
  • Identifying financial resource requirements
  • Assigning responsibilities

2. Creating Work Placement Role Descriptors
Core topics covered in this lesson include:
  • Developing Role Descriptors
  • Determining tasks to be completed by the role holder
  • Identifying role descriptor skills
  • Scoping the workload assigned to each role

3. Managing Relationships
Core topics covered in this lesson include:
  • The importance of managing stakeholder relationships
  • Working with work placement participants
  • Working with Scheme Supervisors
  • Working with Committee Members
  • Working with the Committee
  • Managing Employee Relationships


The course costs €75 per participant for 60 days course access.

Commence the Course

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